Mention the word Hypnosis to any most modern North American and visions of stage shows and "The Night of the Living Dead" enter the mind.  In truth, hypnosis is nothing like these visions.  Hypnosis is an art of guided relaxation done in an effort to have the client be able to access deeper layers of the unconscious mind.  In truth, at all times, the client is in a waking state, fully aware of what is taking place.  The therapist cannot get the client to say or do anything in the trance state that they would not do in the fully waking state.

Although hypnosis has been in existence since the 18th century and in all probability long before that, the modern father of Hypnotherapy is Milton Erickson.  Doctor Erickson could perform apparent miracles on his clients simply by talking to them. The talk tended to be circular and "mesmerizing" but the end result would be that the good doctor would implant suggestions for positive change into his clients. After relatively few sessions the personality and behavior of the client would be altered dramatically.

Today many techniques such as NeuroLinguistic Programming, Core Transformation, Guided Imagery, and Timeline Therapy  use the basics of Dr. Ericksons work to bring about  lasting change in the emotional state of patients.  Blended with newly attained knowledge from the science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, it is possible to drastically alter the physical state of the body by allowing the unconscious mind to see things in a new light and eliminate obstacles to health.

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