NeuroLinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) refers to a technology of change based on the study and use of the brain as a computing device.NLP was founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.  These two professors went about studying the most effective psychotherapists of the day in the mid 70's.  They used such models as Milton Erickson, noted hypnotherapist, Virginia Satir, noted family therapist and others and attempted to break down their treatment into it's simplest form asking the question, "What is it the causes change in the patients?"

This study led to a model of treatment which often resulted in very dramatic shifts in patient 's ability to access memories, set new standards for his/her life, see things in a completely new way.  The world of psychotherapy marveled at the speed of change available to clients using NLP procedures.  This technique can be used to banish phobias in minutes, reprogram the priorities one sets in their life, be able to guide a patient to literally see the world in a new way, all very quickly.

Many techniques have been spawned off the initial work of Bandler and Grinder.  Techniques such as Timeline therapy, Eye movement desensitization and  Core Transformation are all techniques which bring about drastic lasting change in clients in a fraction of the time needed in typical psychotherapy.

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