Where does one begin in the explanation of acupuncture.  To the western trained mind, we must begin with a description of an energy, an energy field which the founders of acupuncture believed to permeate the body of any live being.  This energy termed chi, is believed responsible for control of body growth, and repair as well as coordination of  the 60 quadrillion cells which make up the human body.  This system works in conjunction with the nervous system to control and coordinate the body.  It can be termed the life force or the force vital.

The Chinese were the first to discover and make use of this energy system. The Yellow Emperor included descriptions of the pathways of this energy and methods of balancing these pathways.  These early physicians claimed that imbalance: too much or too little energy in these pathways would eventually lead to disease.  The acupuncture meridians were shown to come to the surface at many positions on the body. Stimulation of these "acupuncture points" have been us used to modify the energy flow through their corresponding channel and thus alter the dynamics of the entire energy system.

The practice of acupuncture continued for 4900 years practically unknown to the western world.  Acupuncture was finally made popular or at least a curiosity to the western scientists when President Nixon and a group of Scientists visited China and were able to see  surgical procedures such as open heart surgery being performed with no anesthesia other than the insertion of tiny acupuncture needles.

With the advancement in global communication and travel, acupuncture has been popularized all over the world with instructional colleges established in every populated continent.  Today various modalities such as lasers, electrical stimulators and mechanical stimulators are used where needles and burning herbs used to be the only methods of acupuncture point stimulation.  Almost every malady known to man has been treated effectively via this amazing treatment modality.

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