Applied Kinesiology

The word Kinesiology refers to the study of human movement, the study of body mechanics and muscle and joint function.  In the late 1960's Dr. George Goodheart of Detroit Michigan made an amazing discovery.  In his chiropractic practice, Dr. Goodheart discovered that in many people, muscles on one side of the body could be dramatically weaker than their corresponding brothers on the other side of the body. Obviously, with the muscles acting as guide wires, supporting the body in the upright position, this imbalance could not be a good thing.

Through extensive research, Dr Goodheart determined that these muscle weaknesses were in actuality, reflex weaknesses caused by weaknesses in certain organ groups.  Through the study of Chinese medicine and meridian function, Dr. Goodheart was able to map out which muscles corresponded to which  organ systems.  With this knowledge, another avenue was now available to diagnose organ dysfunction, by comparing the strength of their associated muscle groups.

Applied Kinesiology has grown into a very complex system of  assessment and treatment of the human body as a whole.  The International College of Applied Kinesiology has developed to teach this art and science to professionals licensed to diagnose disease- namely chiropractors, medical physicians and dentists.

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