Allergies and Sensitivity

Just what is an allergy? --- NAET practitioners define an allergy and an alteration in the control system of the body, induced by contact with an external agent.  An allergy seems to be a learned response i.e. it is not present at birth in many cases but develops as a result of life experience.  A simple example of the development of an allergy could be as such, you are petting your cat when your brother enters the room and scares you.  From that day on, your body at an unconscious level associates cats with the fear response and  whenever you come into contact with a  cat, your body reacts. This explanation is oversimplified and obviously does not explain the onset of all allergies, but the mechanism is similar and the result identical in that the body reacts to the allergen by an abnormal alteration in function.

With NAET and TBM, it is possible to determine just which energy system is being effected by the allergen.  Each meridian system alteration elicits a different set of symptoms of the allergy.  The allergen can affect any of the 12 acupuncture meridians. Following is a partial list of symptoms, which become evident with an allergy affecting a meridian:

Lung Meridian: common symptoms: shortness of breath, nasal congestion, asthma, sore throat, red eyes, pain in thumb, body itching, swollen neck glands, irritability, poor hair growth, frozen shoulder, abnormal voice, intolerance, overdemanding, depression and self pity

Large Intestine pathway: fever, dry mouth, swelling of neck, spastic colon, colitis, upper arm pain, finger impairment, pain in the heel, acne, warts, hair loss, elbow/wrist pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, guilt, grief, weeping, talking in sleep, restless rolling sleep.

Stomach Channel
: high fever, nausea, fever blisters, fibromyalgia, chest pain, sore tongue, hiatal hernia, frontal headache, seizures, TMJ problems, tooth problems, disgust, bitterness, greed, emptiness

Spleen Channel: heaviness, general achiness, cold leg on inside, low self esteem, insomnia, mood swings, lack of interest in anything, lack of smell, obesity, diabetes, menstrual dysfunction, dizzy spells, over concern, worry, hopelessness revenge.

Heart Channel: palpitations, dizziness, shoulder pains, headache, hot or painful palms, chest pain, excessive perspiration, joy, sadness, over excitement, excessive laughing.

Small Intestine Channel: numbness of mouth, pain in neck, shoulder pain, knee pain, diarrhea, absent mindedness, abandonment feelings, paranoia.

Bladder Channel: frequent urination, burning urination, back of neck headaches, eye diseases, sciatica, calf muscle spasm, rectal weakness, pain in lower abdomen, bed wetting, leg muscle wasting, timidity, inefficiency, highly irritable.

Kidney Channel: low back pain, cold back, cold feet, swelling in legs, muscular atrophy of feet, excessive sleeping, vertigo, ringing in ears, excessive thirst, indecision, fear, caution.

Pericardium Channel: impaired speech, stiff neck, leg spasms, frozen shoulder, arm pains, elbow contractures, sciatica, chest pain, joy, overexcitement, regret, jealousy.

Triple Warmer Channel: throat swelling, pain in cheek, red eyes, deafness, abdominal distention, always hungry, inside knee pain, depression, despair, phobias.

Gall Bladder Channel: alternating hot and cold, headaches, pain in jaw, tremors, sighing, dizziness, pain between ribs, vomiting, problems digesting, moving arthritis, rage, assertion.

Liver Channel: top of head headache, tinnitus, vertigo, PMS, lower abdomen pain, stroke like conditions, reproductive disturbances, anger, aggression, complaining all the time.

As you can see, symptoms are diverse and seemingly without pattern, unless you know and understand the acupuncture energy systems.  Any allergen can affect any meridian or as is more common, groups of meridians.  Complicating the issue is the fact that allergens often need not be ingested, simply touching an allergen such as fabric or a specific metal can induce the response.

Seven different people can react 7 different ways to an allergen. Following is a list of how 7 different people reacted to chocolate as an allergen-all seven tested negative to chocolate with conventional allergy testing: 
1) hyperactivity and insomnia 
2) acute asthma 
3) vascular headache 
4) extreme tiredness 
5) depression 
6) severe indigestion and bloating 
7) arthritic pains

All seven responded to chocolate allergy elimination with NAET.

As you can see effects are far reaching and corrections are life changing.  Finally a mechanism to rid your life of the allergy menace. 
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